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We believe that business, at its best, serves the local community, empowers the local community, and binds us together to build a better future for our children

As a modern business, it’s our duty to stand for more than just profit.


We are committed to our strategy to be ‘for’ the local Community, this is our commitment to enrich and encourage more green time and less screen time.


We believe that taking children outdoors and supporting their play is also helping their development. As long as children lack awareness and so fail to see patterns in nature, negative human impacts in nature, or inequalities in human communities, they will not be capable of responding and acting sustainably.

In children’s learning outdoor education is seen as an optimal means of learning. Young children need the opportunity to use their whole body and develop their gross motor skills.

​Getting outdoors encourages a healthy lifestyle. Through physical activity and challenges, being outdoors helps children sleep, eat, and live more healthily. This encourages them to form healthy habits for life.

Playing outdoors is a brilliant way to get out in nature and become aware of the environment. Children who gain knowledge and appreciation of nature are more likely to become aware adults.

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Our Mission is clear

We’re dedicated to learning through play, protecting the planet, and working together.

We re-invest in the company each year to improve the facilities to support learning through play

We pledge to always put the interests of people and planet ahead of shareholder gain. We reinvest back into the business, to keep building on the equipment we use to teach children about the world around them, to create positive social change for the future. We are committed to doing the right thing with our approach to business.

Impact snapshot

We measure our social impact by publishing the hours of outside learning through play delivered.

3,873 Hours of outside play delivered.

Data source

Date range - 13-04-22 till 24/07/23 

Re-investment snapshot

2023/24 financial year  

Data source

Date figures reported 26/07/23

Capital and Reserves re-invested to date = 136.36% 

Free play hours donated to community to date = 16.5 hours


We offer unlimited free tickets to Home-Start Cotswolds Ltd – helping families in the Cotswolds. 

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